Mulino Milling and Storage Systems
Mulino is engineering company who develops, builds and installs turn-key plants of wheat, maize mills, animal feed plants and storage systems from construction to the production.Mulino provides products and technology that represents the most technically advanced and with optimum cost on the market in order to meet clients priority and future needs. In Mulino products, it has been manufactured using only reliable, Ce Certified materials, carefully selected from the best suppliers. Also provides tailor-made design for all customers.

The harmony of technology and labor
Mulino has continuously renewed itself since the year it was established in the fast growing, developing and the food requirement increasing world. It makes a defect-free production possible by means of CAD-CAM aided, machinery enriched with CNC machines and its approach sensible to advanced technology production standards. It uses technology effectively in every stage of the production from the robotic painting unit providing the painting of the machines without any defects and speedily to CNC wood production workshop to manufacture the wooden parts and a modern material warehouse constituted for spare part procurement. The labor reaches over to more people by mans of technology.

More than 350 turnkey projecs as World-wide.
The experience of Mulino makes it a power offering turn-key solutions in every stage of the production from the designing to commissioning. While enjoying the pride of delivering more than 350 projects it has undertaken so far without any defects and in time, it continues to produce new projects with its R & D department. It continuously works for the best with its entire staff adopting the Total Quality Management philosophy; and adds its after-sale support force to its production quality for offering a full performance of all the machines in every aspect. Mulino makes headway for being a locomotive to add value to the sector.