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Air Lock

Working Principles Air Lock is used to transporting grinded products or  other powder materials by air, it separates air and  product and send product to exit way.

Blending Machine

Working Principles Blending Machine is used to mix raw matterial which has different quality and different features, thanks to different size of chambers  inside machine.


Working Principles Blower is used to transporting product vertically or horizontally by air with high flow and low pressure.

Bucket Elevator

Working Principles Bucket Elevator is used to vertical transporting of grain undamagedly. Transporting operation has be done by plastic or metal buckets which integrated on purposeful rubber band.

Dosage Machine

Working Principles Dosage Machine is used to add enzyme, vitamin, mineral into the product with sensitive speed control.


Working Principles Ecluse is used to transport of product by combined it with air.

Flour Distributor

Working Principles It is used to distribute product  to control sifter regularly.

Four-Station Carousel Flour Bagging With Double Weighing Scale

Working Principles While it varies according to the product to be bagged and the tolerance required, the values relating to the packaging speed below shall provide some information about the capacity of the system.
  • 9 ton/hour in 10 kg bagging
  • 20 ton/hour in 25 kg bagging
  • 37,5 ton/hour in 50 kg bagging
The tolerance per package varies between ±0.15 kg in the 50-kg packaging. In addition to this, it is undertaken to be operated with 37.5 ton/hour capacity in the products such as flour or in similar characteristics with the average error share per package. The package filling weights could be preferred between 10-25 - 50 kg by the operator.

Macro Dosage

Working Principles It is used for adding any type of product to the system. It has high capacity with dust- free operation

Pneumatic Slide

Working Principles Pneumatic Slide is used to discharge or  stop of raw material or product’s flow by air and automatic control system.

Rotoflow Vibro Discharger

Working Principles Silo Discharger is used to discharge of powder  products inside of silos.

Screw Conveyor

Working Principles Screw Conweyor is used to transported products filling and discharging  operations. Producing with standard construction U-type trough or optional  galvanized steel, painted steel and stainless steel. Available for use all industries.